Amaan, pronounced as (üh-mán), is a n*gga who is liked by nobody. Ain't nobody f*ckin' with this n*gga and no girl gives a real flying f*ck about him. He is popularly known for his smelly f*cking farts and is never respected for that. This n*gga is also a member of the Legendary Level Noob N*ggas Gang (LLNNG) which is known for their stupid-ass moves when an enemy comes in front of them. This n*gga can't even kill a motherf*ckin' bot in the highly-poular gaming title 'PUBG Mobile'. This n*gga is so nasty even her teachers f*ck him up. He's a b*tch n*gga, also known for his attractions towards nasty-ass men, also called, "A Gay N*gga". This n*gga is so f*cking bad his personality never can be explained in words. Even his siblings try to f*ck him sometimes and this n*gga then says, "Faster, Harder, Deeper!". Also, this n*gga doesn't even have a p*n*s. Therefore, this n*gga can also be called a "B*tch N*gga With No P*n*s". This n*gga has several nicknames, such as, "The Nasty-ass n*gga", "The noob transgender", and many more named by his own friends and family. Their is also a whole movie dedicated to this guy named "Gays ain't sh*t" Examples of RESPECT to Amaan include:
Amaan ki maa ka bhosda!
Jaahil maa ka lawda!!

Amaan: *Fucking dies*
Everybody: Han maa chuda na fir bhosdike
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He's usually a dick who is an attention hoe and is secretly a faggot but we accept him in the group Chat
Amaan that hoe
by BetterThanTilly October 29, 2018
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Amaan is a small cunt and he look like a dragon🐉 And he speaks like a mouse and he has a hariy chest and gay
Amaan is gay
by Pussy old February 19, 2020
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One who as seen as the ultimate pimp by those around him
Check that dude, yo! He is so amaan.
by zulfikar bungee batman November 27, 2009
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a student who is always bullied by a math teacher for doing nothing and usually tall and skinny.
that is a sad amaan
by jaai sidhu February 28, 2018
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A man who has a big heart especially for women. He thinks no girl will ever love him. Even though he struggles in life he believes that he will one day be successful with the help of god. He wishes to get married to a beautiful girl he has his mind on all day. Amaan is mentally a strong person who combats a lot of sadness. He wish to be an athlete so that he accomplishes his dreams. He wants to set an example that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.
If you are struggling in life just remember to believe. Amaan Mohammad was a kid who always believed in himself and made his dreams possible. Be like Amaan Mohammad
by Derrickroseballer2018 September 9, 2020
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