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When you are fucking a girl lying on her back, right before you cum, you pinch her leg really hard. If you time it right, you should be able to aim and make your shot in her mouth; thanks to the setup of the pinch.
Dude, I totally played ball last night with that sexy bitch. I alliooped it straight into her cum dumpster.
by FloDeLis June 04, 2012
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An unfortunate experience following the usage of Alli, the Orlistat weight loss capsules that cause a . . . slickening of the contents of the bowels. An Alli-oop is what happens when a user of Alli doesn't answer the call of nature immediately.
That three-hour lecture would have killed me alone, but when I got that urge to "go," it gave me the excuse to head to the restroom for a very necessary visit. I almost suffered an Alli-oop anyway!
by Marthakay September 27, 2007
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