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Located in the northern part of Ohio.

And home of the Aviators , druggies, and wanna be thugs/gangstas. If you don't smoke weed, you're probably doing meth or heroine. Most of its school students are pregnant before they enter high school.

A local "gang" of the city is called EBK, which stands for Everybody Killas. Which makes no sense since Everybody is one word, but whatever. Guess they didn't learn in school, I mean they are residents of Alliance.

This same gang is th gang that got ran out of Canton.
" You can tell she's/he's from a Alliance, Ohio lmfao. Look at how they fucking act. So disrespectful. "
by imgayhey December 07, 2015
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A city in northeast of ohio. One of the smallest cities in ohio, no doubt. Nothing to do except smoke weed, have sex and go bowling. Known for the word 'hoopie', because basically everyone here is one.
woo! i'm moving out of alliance, ohio.
by smokeu69 September 09, 2009
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