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A sex move. One that only true savages can succesfully perform. Placing the dick between the two breasts, the owner of the bitch slides it up and down, also sliding it in and out of the servants mouth. This combines the tutti fuck and oral sex, creating a physical sensation like none other. When the groin gravy is ready to be released, dispense of it upon the nipples like whipped cream out of a can. Then, shout "I scream for ice cream!", and lick the cream of of the breast. Rumour has it that this act has transformed nobody's into legends, and some even say that it gave Odell Beckham Jr. the amazing superhuman abilities he possess today. Proceed with caution.
I realized that only the likes of Chuck Norris and Odell Beckham could pull off the All American Banana Split.
by Blakey15 February 06, 2015
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