Beautiful girl but she does not know it had a rough past close to family has no friends and the name is lucky sonic your names alia hold on there's luck coming your way don't give up you don't have to hurt much longer pronounce ( ah)(lee) (ah)
I see alia walk by with a hint of sadness in her eyes she try's to smile it off but untill she falls asleep her pain is gone
by So_many_words October 28, 2020
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A strong independent Fortnite sweat who says,'Let's go baby'. #AliArmy
by UnCopywrite October 10, 2020
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This man is the star of many twelve year olds wet dreams, and the king of clickbait, people who reject this definition are most likely his twelve year old fan boys
Me: Did you see Ali-A's newest video
Cardi B: its just clickbait
by Dietz Nuts February 07, 2019
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See that girl over there? That’s an Alia. Heard she had sex with 5 different guys at different times just last night
by Yeet yeet the opossum (Shreka) November 30, 2019
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An amazing, beautiful and talented girl is called ALIA. she’s v seggsy and has the best humour of any human alive. Alia’s are very precious and you must treat them with respect and like they’re a goddess.
Hey, have you seen the new girl Alia ? she’s so unique and beautiful isn’t she?
by aliaaaa.x1 April 04, 2021
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the best fornut player on earth.He is soooooooo good.defenitly the most underrated console player.HE NEVER DIES EXCEPT IF THE GUY AGAINST HIM IS A HACKER!!!!!! he can snipe with a shotgun and shotgun with a sniper.ALI-A is just on the next level.HIS 90s ARE AMAZING YOU SHOULD CHECK THEM OUT HE BELIEVES THAT IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING YOUR OPPONENT IS ALSO NOT GOING TO KNOW.He never makes progress in his builds which makes him really good.ALSO KNOWN FOR HIS AMAZING INTROS
Hey guys ALI-A HERE!*ali-a intro music* OMG I am really popping off 3 kills!!
via giphy
by Shifobifo May 29, 2019
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