A beauuuuuutiful girl that is caring, funny, and just amazing in general. She has so much wisdom and always give advices to her friends only because she cares about them. She's very honest and is not afraid to say her opinion out loud. She loves her friends so much and will make sure to always keep them in a good mood even if she isn't in one. If you have a Alia, don't lose her, she's a precious gem!!
I can't believe I just talked to the most nicest girl around, she's such a Alia!!
by AG4 IS COMING June 03, 2019
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King of click bait and is the best at showing off in front of 12 year olds, unsubscribe to him

From Nicolas j
fortnite is a game and fortnite is what Ali a is bad at
by Alia I August 06, 2019
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The most cancer giving youtuber in the entire universe
Person 1: why are you in hospital

Person 2: Ali a came by
by Justaguywhoknowsaguywhoknowsag October 14, 2018
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Ali-a is a cancerous tumor that we call a YouTuber, he was a Call of Duty player but switched to Fortnite, since then many people have regarded him as a bad YouTuber.
Ali-a makes me die inside.
via giphy
by Suicidal_arsehole May 16, 2019
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Alia is a beautiful person inside and out. She’s shy, but outgoing with friends, and is a team player. She is very lucky to have and special, so be glad you have a friend like her, she’s one to keep close and is loyal, trustworthy and a genuine person. Shes one of a kind and will do anything to make anyone feel happier and cheer you up when you are sad. Alia is an amazing person, and one you will regret not getting to know.
“Hey, have you met the new girl? Her name’s Alia. She’s so sweet and friendly!”
by Pillowtalk362 February 08, 2019
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