The sister of Paul Atreides from the novel Dune.
Alia pawns all you n00bs!
by Aliah June 07, 2005
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Ali A is a retarded fag that plays fortnite but is absolute SHIT at it. I mean he fucking swapped a blue tac for a fucking scoped ar in the last fucking circle with the last guy, of course it's going to be close combat. he likes to clickbait and loves to apparently "leak" shit that isn't even real like his fuckin superman challenge for season 4, I mean, this dude is just cancer.
person 1: Hey you heard of ali a?
person 2: Who the cancer patient?
person 1:Yea him
person 2: Yea i know that clickbait cunt
by @MarbSoda on Instagram May 10, 2018
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A cancerous Fortnite Youtuber that constantly clickbaits his thumbnails and content.
Don't watch him. He will give you aids.
You enjoy Ali-A? you must have a chunk of your brain missing!
by isopodhoursboi April 18, 2018
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A youtuber who is now a meme learning how to walk. Does random shit for a living. Austrailian and bad at fortnite.
Why are you playing like an Ali-a?
by hi and die boiiiii January 10, 2019
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A name for someone who is retarded and thinks that he's good at Fortnite and a hardman. Also another word for a clickbaiting saddo.
You smell like Ali-A
via giphy
by Cobalt-YT December 16, 2018
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An Alia is a witty, funny and lovely person to be around. Alias love company and wants balance. But they also love to do weird stuff like snort dead fish
Person1- bro have you met Alia? She’s the funniest person I’ve met
Person2- Alia? Isn’t she the one who drop kicked the teacher last month?
by Personal issues May 11, 2020
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