If your name is Ali-A you must be a deluded twat. To shorten it up you are mentaly ill and you need to stop click baiting before I throw an exercise ball into your head. Ciao raggazi!
John Cena: Have you seen Ali-A?!

Spazz man: Yea he is mentally ill
by Slick Pudding August 05, 2018
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A semi-celebrity who loves playing the shittiest music in his intros and click baiting the fuck out of his subscribers. He often gets called gay for his fairy-like personality and feminine voice.

A person who lives giving people false hope via YouTube videos and acts extremely gay, sitting on his ass playing fortnite all fucking day.
"Shut the fuck up Jamie, Stop being such an Ali a you homo! "
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Alia is gorgeous and is super loyal and caring. She usually has brown wavy hair and is tall, intelligent, and is very outgoing. You can always trust her with your secrets, and she gives the best advice and will never leave your side when you need her. Sometimes she says the weirdest things that make you laugh, like awko taco. If you have an Alia in your life, keep her!
by awkotacooooooo December 11, 2019
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Use to be one of the greatest YouTubers but ruined his content with too much fortnite clickbait
Ali-a was great in his day wasn't he
by I dizzle April 02, 2018
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A girl's name meaning many things in several languages.

Can be spelled many ways, and may itself be a variant.
Alya, Aliah, Aliegha, Aliya, Aliyah, Alyia, Alea, Aleiah; almost any way works.
The pronunciation varies from person to person.

Hebrew: Noble, Ascend
Arabic: Sky, Heaven, Loftiness, Sublime
German: All
Swahili: Exalted
As you can see from the meanings, Alia (and any variation) is pretty kickass name to have.

Alia Atreides is also a pretty kick ass character from the Dune series.
Alia (and variants) is a pretty awesome name. How else can you be exalted, noble, all, sublime, and heaven at once?
Protip: You can't.

Anon: Your username is LovetteCher why the heck would you care about the name Alia?
LovetteCher: STFU! I'm named after Alia Atreides!
by LovetteCher August 07, 2010
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Ali a is a clickbaiting shit who is probably a Russian spy - jake jeffries 2018
by SnowflakeDBS May 19, 2018
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