She is the definition of a Bruh bruh girl. She doesn’t show much affection. She seems slow but she is school smart. She’s shy and energetic when you meet her. She’s always into multiple guys at the same time so your lucky to be the priority. She’s not very pushy or clingy. She’s definitely not into video games. She’s very gorgeous. She’ll also probably leave you so be carful.
Look it’s Alia
Oh no she’ll probably hurt you run and hide
Oh and there’s her six boyfriends too
by Karis C June 06, 2020
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If you have her in your life. Don't let her go. She will be loyal till the day you die. She is very sweet, sensitive, and all going the best person you will ever meet. She is the prettiest girl you will ever meet. She will ask you what is wrong and beg you to tell her even if you don't want to.
She is such an Alia.
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by September 08, 2020
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alia is a hot babe….it’s true tho. Alia is such a pretty name. Alia is gorgeous and very kind. She likes to try and make everyone happy. She also somewhat rich. I would imagine an Alia with long hair and beautiful eyes. She’s a dream girl fosho. If she’s Asian that’s a rare Alia.
Guy 1: Hey your so beautiful, what’s your name?
Alia: it’s Alia.
by yuuuurralia May 17, 2021
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alia is a hot babe. She is definitely a dream girl and should be treated like a queen. Alia’s are so beautiful. They are like hidden goddess. If you stumble opon an Alia, make sure to tell her she’s beautiful and that she’s kind and smart because you won’t ever see one again.
Guy 1: Sheeeeshhh u fine asf, what’s ur name?
Hot babe: Alia.
by yuuuurralia May 17, 2021
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