This man is the star of many twelve year olds wet dreams, and the king of clickbait, people who reject this definition are most likely his twelve year old fan boys
Me: Check out Ali-A's newest video
Him: It's just a bunch of clickbait
by ARKA35 April 25, 2018
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A youtuber's videos you shouldn't click on due to his undeserved earnage of money that we gave to him do to a mis-understanding in the thumbnail. In other words, click bait.

Me: "OMG YES!"

*Clicks on video*

Ali-A: "You can't actually... get in it..."

Me: "FUCK!"
by you ate my bagel June 17, 2018
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A Fortnite Youtuber who clickbaits the shit out of every video he makes. Generally an all around retard that does not have a life. He just cars about money and his fan-base are all below the age of 10.
“Did you watch Ali-a’s new video today?”
“No I did not becuase I already have cancer
by Ianjimhorndog June 03, 2018
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If your name is Ali-A you must be a deluded twat. To shorten it up you are mentaly ill and you need to stop click baiting before I throw an exercise ball into your head. Ciao raggazi!
John Cena: Have you seen Ali-A?!

Spazz man: Yea he is mentally ill
by Slick Pudding August 05, 2018
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A popular youtuber that does cancerous fortnite videos and pressumably touches children

and worst of all he plays fortnite
Person a asks, “Whos your favorite fortnite youtuber” “ali-a,” person be replies “nigga your gay go kill yourself” person a says while grabs a shotgun
by Death to all gays July 07, 2018
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