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The famous sex researcher. Born into a Christian Right household in HobokenNew Jersey. Didn't have sex or marry until 1920. Graduated from Brunswick with a Bachelors in Science in 1916. Graduated from Harvard U with a SciD in 1919. As a professor he studied gall wasps and taught the marraige course. He interviewed 18,000 people between 1935 and 1955. Died of Heart failure and Pnumonia in 1956. Godfather of the Sexual Revolution.
Professor Alfred Kinsey interviewed me about my sex history yesterday.
by Andreasantoni June 12, 2008
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Alfred Kinsey is was a doctor who prepared the way for the sexual revolution. He was also a pedophile, as detailed in his work, "Sexual Behaviour of the Human Male", detailing sex acts with babies as young as 4 months old.
SJW: How can you hate progress?
Normal Person: If it was started by Alfred Kinsey, I don't want to tolerate anything that pedophile said.
by Canuck Crusader December 08, 2019
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