A very sexy boy who can get any girl and people know him mr steal your girl and very smart boy
Alfie is sexy
by LOLXDBESTAPP January 23, 2019
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Alfie can be substituted for any guy that is a player thats decent enough to try to push you away. One who tells you, " I'm not good for you", "you should date other guys", "I can only give you short-term happiness", "I can give you what I can, but I can't give you everything".

Based on the character Alfie, in the movie "Alfie". (2004)
Although Steven told me he was an Alfie and wasn't good for me, I still couldn't help falling in love with him.
by Alfiedoesvegas July 24, 2013
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Alfie is loyal and forgiving, he is very gorgeous however shy with the girls, he can be extremely ignorant and celf centred, most alfies like to spend time on there games instead of paying attention to there girlfriends, alfie can change to please others however this will NOT last long, dont try to trigger alfie because he will become extremely vexted and may throw some hits
Alfie never pays attention to me
by Lppppxxxx June 12, 2018
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A short person that likes ksi and listens to his gay cancerous laugh 3 hours a day
He’s pretty cool but has issues
by Boss boy April 29, 2019
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A sexy male with a large penis of which is used on many women every week, you will find he is popular with everyone but he can kick serious ass
Girl: Omg look is Alfie .
Other girl: Omg I hope we can bang😍
by JiggleWiggle63 December 04, 2017
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these Alfie's have a huge penis, super intelligent, and extremely, extremely hotter.
popular girl: omg Alfie is so hot
Alfie: i know bb.

they fucked
by bigcoakandballs January 08, 2021
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is ur name alfie cause ur fucken hot
by owowoow September 27, 2019
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