an eboy that wants every egirl he can find on the internet, doesn't matter her age if from 12 to 25 he makes them his wife.
friend: she's in a call with alfie
me: of course it's a she
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by halpor July 19, 2019
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1)Oi it’s Alfie my bitch
2) Alfie used to be my leap year bitch
by _confused_ March 27, 2019
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A really cool guy, who has three pictures on his Instagram (usually), is under the second name stewart (typically). Alfie’s typically vape and have dark hair. They are very epic people who have skills when it comes to fortnite battle royale.
Who’s that guy there? That’s alfie, I think
by Skull3i January 29, 2021
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Alfie is a small, chubby boys name who (even if white) get to say the n-word
Alfie can say the n-word as he is FAT
by Alfjejfdjdjjfjdjed July 24, 2020
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