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Alessandro Perrini is often seen in his natural habitat watching anime. Every 50 years he is seen coming out of his habitat, his return is something truly unremarkable, people will travel across nations to see his return as it is something that does not happen often. He is usually seen playing AdVenture Capitalist while listening to edgy music. He is known as "The two faced cunt" one of the most famous super villains of all time, he has been seen reading and not replying to Nicholas Emili, he is truly a two faced c*nt. He acts nice in person but is very two faced online.
Person 1: "Wait, is that a wild Alessandro Perrini? I haven't seen that man in years"
Person 2: "Nah it's just another edgy weaboo, That's not sandro"\
by Dolphin_____ June 03, 2018
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