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Airman Ga Taosenai (エアーマンが倒せない Eāman ga Taosenai - "Cannot Defeat Airman") is a Japanese song that became an Internet Meme in Japan. The song is by Team.Nekokan, and depicts a man that initially cannot pass the Heat Man stage in Mega Man 2 because he keeps falling into the lava underneath the disappearing blocks. He says that if he had the Jet Sled, otherwise known as Item 2, he could easily get by just by flying across. However to do this he must defeat Airman, in which to his dismay, he cannot defeat. He says he cannot dodge the tornadoes that Airman fires, and He also says that he jumps behind him and fire repeatedly, but the wind pushes him back regardless. He also attempts the Time Barrage glitch, but again against a tornado it is "meaningless". He says that Airman would be "a breeze to defeat" if he had the Leaf Shield which you acquire after beating Woodman, however he cannot beat Woodman either. He says that he cannot dodge the falling leaves, and he jumps back to avoid him, but despite that Woodman always closes the distance. Once again he attempts the Time Barrage glitch, but he still cannot avoid his jump. During the times when he is going through the stages, he uses up all of his E-Tanks, meaning he can't use them in the boss fight. To this he responds that next time, he will only use the E-Tank at the very last moment.
From Airman Ga Taosenai:

Japanese:"AITEMU ni gou ga areba raku ni mukou no kishi made tsuku kedo nankai yattemo nankai yattemo EEAMAN ga taosenai yo"

English:"If I had Item-2 I could easily reach the other side matter what, however many times I try...I cannot defeat Airman!"
by Huuballawick November 03, 2012
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English: Airman will not die.

Title of a song about Mega Man 2 about how Airman will not die, based on the fact that Airman is the hardest of the Robot Masters to defeat in Mega Man 2.
airman ga taosenai!

Airman will not die!
by airman ga taosenai December 17, 2009
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