While the French suck, their aircraft sure don't, from fly by wire, to the A380, someone hit the charts on a bulls eye in there. Why work for Boeing when you can join the darkside and fly the most evil airliners on the globe. Some say airbus pilots don't have anything between their legs? Well that's because... their package is so big they need that extra leg room.
You fly an airbus? Man thats awesome! Id love to fly something from Airbus Industries, because Boeing sucks!
by Scarebus1256 July 26, 2010
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An evil jetliner made by the Airbus Industrie that has an evil autopilot, the RSX 600, and has been involved in over 600 Turn-N-Dip incidents.
The lufthansa Airbus A-340 executed a turn-N-Dip, slamming into the crowd of golfers. The death toll was an estimated 500 people.
by Trell Brown May 09, 2006
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A plane that's too bloody large.
I went on an Airbus A380 in the weekend, and because it was an Airbus I nearly died.
by LazyllamaAviation April 06, 2017
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The airbus is a longer triple decker or just same thing but longer THE AIRBUS A390 IS THE SAME AS THE A380 BUT LONGER AND BIGGER,Anyway, it is a concept.So im not sure if it will come out but we will never know...well maybe we will...ANYWAY remember, know WHAT AN AIRBUS IS. IT'S AN AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURE. Have a nice day
Mike:who's joe?!
Mike:JOE MAMA!!!

Boeing: >:(
by Boeing 747 fan October 31, 2019
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1. put one's penis into his girlfriend's vagina after a long, passionate make-out.

2. land an airbus on the Hudson river.
0. "land one's airbus on her Hudson" is appropriate to use especially when the girl's vagina is so wet that it fells like diving into the river or something.

1. Girl: I can't wait anymore. I'd like you to land your airbus on my Hudson right now!
Man: Fasten your seat belt baby!

2. Dude, that US1549 pilot Captain Sullenberger landed the airbus on the Hudson and saved 151 people's life. He's the man of the year!
by disconnectus February 22, 2009
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Very big plane: the only plane bigger than a 747, can fit around 853 passengers max
me: look it's an Airbus A380, biggest plane in the world
my friend: very noice
by boing February 05, 2021
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A thicc ass plane. The thiccest in the world, with two decks of thicc ass. It's got 4 big ass engines, perfect to suck up the souls of your enemies with and the bodies in your backyard, ETHAN.
Aviator 1: "Yo dude that's a thicc ass plane out there on the tarmac"
Aviator 2: "Yeah, the Airbus A380. Two entire decks of cheek clappin'."
Aviator 1: "Nice."
by Airbus A420 April 22, 2019
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