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The act of playing an air plastic Guitar Hero guitar instead of playing a normal air guitar. Most commonly accompanies hearing a song that is featured in Guitar Hero on the radio, a CD player, or an mp3 player.
We were driving down the road when Iron Maiden's "Trooper" came on the radio. Immediately, and unconsciously, we all began to play air guitar hero.
by SH's de1337ed June 07, 2007
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1.someone who shows off like theyre good at guitar hero

2.someone or some people who spontaneously pretebd to pick up and play guitar hero with a plastic guitar
When we played Almosy Easy by Avenged Sevenfold on RockBand2 Eddy who can't play the RB2 instruments started his daily dosage of being an air guitar hero
by FlYeRsFaN322 February 20, 2009
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When you move your fingers as if you where playing guitar hero with a regular or guitar controller when you arent actually playing, usually while another person has the controller
Look at Billy playing air guitar hero, he is compleatly addicted
by Jon AKA Ice May 15, 2008
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