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1. The maldivian version of biggus dickus.
Aiham is used as for maldivians who are depressed degenerates and the ‘shathir’ is basically a cleverly written word for ‘shat tier’ which by actually the past tense for shit.The tier is used because people being called that name is in a complex listing from the biggest Aiham Shathir to the lowest Aiham Shathir both of which is just different prior to the given situation.There's also an infamous story about him getting caught having gay anal with a suicidal friend of him,giving life to a whole new meaning after his name.

2. Code name for doing gay anal sex in Maldives.According to how this started,a guy named Aiham Shathir was caught having gay anal sex with his friend in the woods and this story got spread far across Maldives for the first time.Due to this,young teenagers used his name for having gay anal sex as in code words and no adult doesn’t know what their teen kids meant about Iham Shathir cause they thought it was a friend of their kids they have yet to meet.
1. Maldivian one: That dude looks really sad af.I feel sad for him.

Maldivian two: Don’t be.That guy got rejected by his crush and just thinking it’s the end of the world.

Maldivian one: Lmao.What a fucking Aiham Shathir.

2. Maldivian one: Hey my GF broke up with me and I'm feeling so horny.Feels bad, man.

Maldivian two:Sorry for your loss. Hey let's do Aiham Shathir, I'm also feeling horny too.

Maldivian one: Hell yeah.Lets do Aiham Shathir bro.
by M Divian H August 02, 2018
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