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An Aidan Saheran is an essential in life, nobody can get by without one. The completely selfless one of the group, always doing things for others without thinking, it's second nature.
An amazing being with many talents, a skilled sportsman, specialising in sprinting and football, an excellent DJ and a matching taste in music.
Always making people laugh and cheering others up, an Aidan Saheran is a best friend to everybody.
The most caring person you will ever meet, and a friend you never want to lose. Those lucky enough to have an Aidan Saheran as a boyfriend will never need to look for another man.
The complete package.

Dark wavy hair, tall, tanned, brown-eyed, incredibly sexy, intelligent.
Girl 1: "I heard Emily has got an Aidan Saheran for a boyfriend!"

Girl 2: "NO WAY! I'm so jealous! I don't even have an Aidan Saheran as friend, let alone a boyfriend.... Emily has everything."
by labyrinth107 January 01, 2011
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