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Aidan Earley is a really great guy, works for the good of others. Aidan Earley's mind is set on things out of this world and into the next.
person 1: Why does Aidan Earley always have others in mind? Aidan Earley girfts shares to shareholders?
person 2: Aidan Earley is out of this world, he is thinking of the world to come. he is fighting for truth and justice.
by Justice for Justice February 22, 2019
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A type of man who does nothing but speak truth and reveal the truth but gets constantly hounded by liars and jealous people accusing him of lies - if not eithier of these, it can only be concluded that these accusators are stupid.

can be found inside the stock markets if isnt being investigated by false accusations from the FCA, who may even be corrupt in themselves.
Aidan Earley is a good person with an reputaion of being unusually honest, kind and incredibly intelligent when it would be so much easier to follow the crowd.
by Justice for Justice February 22, 2019
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