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Spelled differently than the actual word "always" this is an answer to give to a person dealing with generalities.

This is the response followed by more arguement when someone makes a general all encompasing statement about you or someone else.

It is to point out the blanket statement that they have made does not consistantly hold true when applied to the subject.

In simple terms, it points out someobody's poor arguement when they make a point.

See example for further definition.
Randy: You are crazy man, you always date girls that mistreat you.

Jess: Ah-lways, I ah-lways do? Ah-lways? what about Candi, suzanne, and betsie...were they mean too? hmmm? no wait they must have been because you said ALWAYS!

Randy: okay not ALL THE TIME, but they do always call you late!

Jess: they do, AH-lways? all the time at every waking moment???
by Randoni April 05, 2009
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