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A term/expression, supposedly of Caribbean origin, to describe the following gesture: when a sexual partner lying prone (face down) cocks his/her head to look back over his/her shoulder at the partner behind. The expression on the face of the party looking back should roughly indicate: "Oooh, Daddy, I like that." Agoutis are squirrel-like rodents without tails that make a similar gesture due to their anatomy.
I was hitting that booty from the back like a champ when she gave me an Agouti Lookback. Damn, that was hot.
by D-$ (A.K.A. D'Monet) April 09, 2009
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A quick snap of the neck to the back while pressing your hands against a wall and wining (gyrating the body and dancing in a vulagar manner). This technique is used to survey the surroundings and make sure the "angry and jealous" boyfriend does not see.
Damn that bitch was worried her man would catch her she kept giving me the agouti lookback
by Hefone October 29, 2006
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