A South Australian tradition. smoking weed between the hours of 1-4 (am or pm) and listening to afternoon tea by the kinks
"its afternoon tea time! lets rukkas the bong"
by dolar May 31, 2009
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Australian term for a mid-to-late snack in the afternoon. Typically eaten when one comes home from school, or during a work meal break. Does not actually mean the drink tea is consumed - generally sweet, lighter foods such as cakes, scrolls, or biscuits.
I can't wait to have afternoon tea, I'm starving.
by DoubleC October 30, 2006
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A gathering between companions in an intimate, classy, and tea-like setting.
R: Hey! Want to go for some intimate afternoon tea?
M: Yes, most definitely.
by TIALNTISAC November 19, 2018
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