First used by Kanye West. Slang for AmEx's "Black Card"
I went to the malls and I balled too hard
'Oh my god, is that a black card?'
I turned around and replied, why yes but I prefer the term
African American Express
by festsitron October 28, 2005
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The Neo African Americans is a term used by documentary filmmaker Kobina Aidoo to describe recent, voluntary immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean. In an interview with CNN, he revealed that his working title was The New African Americans until he realized that many of the respondents did not consider themselves African American, so he changed New to Neo. In his words, "new with a twist."
The Neo African Americans is a living documentary; it’s never really finished. It’s a conversation—a conversation about how rapid, voluntary immigration from the Caribbean and, especially, Africa is transforming the African American narrative.
by Esi00 June 17, 2009
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Someone who is black and living in America who is recently from Africa.

This differentiates from people whos ancestors came as slaves over 400 years ago and yet still call themselves African Americans.
People like Barak Obama are African African American because they do not share the same history/culture as African Americans.
Barak Obama is an African African American.
by Rolling Thunder February 26, 2007
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A politically correct term for nigger rigging typically in the most inefficient and cheapest manner possible by a nigger.
I am about to employ time tested, African-American ingenuity as developed by the Center for African-American Studies and Technology.
by Otteman June 29, 2010
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One of the most annoying terms known to man. People use it when they are afraid that calling someone "black" is racist. What they don't know is that by calling a black person "African American", they are assuming that the person is both African and American.
Guy 1: Haha that African American dude is funny.
Guy 2: He's European, dude.
by Star Riley April 27, 2010
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politcally correct form of nigger-rig nig-rig
the computer isnt reading the floppy, maybe i can african-american engineer it to read the floppy with this shrubbery
by Steve Vasquez April 19, 2006
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