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The Aerican Empire is a micronation, consisting of the imaginary planet of Verden, the northern hemisphere of Pluto, and 2.91 square kilometers on the surface of Mars. It also claims to own Parrwater, (a lake in Canada,) The Pasture (a random pasture somewhere in the American Midwest), Earth Colony, (a small house in Montreal, Canada,) Psyche, (50 square kilometers of land east of Melbourne, Australia,) Chompsville, (one square kilometer of land somewhere east of Psyche,) and Retsaot Island (a 400 square meter island in the middle of a lake in Ashburton, New Zealand).
The national religion is Silinism, in which the believers worship the Great Penguin, know as the Forsteri. The holy text of this religion is the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Though not widely accepted as a real nation, its citizens are very patriotic, and anyone can become a "citizen" by going to their website ( and saying that you want to be one.
John claimed to be from Verden, but everyone knew that he lived in his mom's basement. His citizenship in the Aerican Empire did nothing to help his case.
by GT Band August 15, 2010
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