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A kind and loving person, ready to be friends with anyone. They don't care what people think and are never worried about anything. Everyone loves them but they never seem to notice.
Wow! Aeonia was so nice to me today!
by Crispuu November 03, 2016
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A name that derives from the Ancient Greek word for eternal life.
They are a gorgeous person who every guy wants to be with. They are generally brunettes and often have sparkling brown eyes. They are popular and don't care what people's opinions are on them. They are really into conspiracy theories and horror, and they like punk and emo music.
Boy 1: Woah! Who's that hottie over there with her friends, talking about how lizards run the government?
Boy 2: oh that's Aeonia, how could you not know that?
by Crispuu January 06, 2017
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