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A beauty of a girl likes reading and is always in the mood to party. Loves food and sweatshirts and Netflix, she's hated by people for no reason though she doesn't know why she doesn't let it get to her head. She's a great friend super funny is great in bed. she'll make you want to dump your girlfriend. She has very fewclose friends but that's because she hates a crowd. she's probably the greatest girl you'll meet she's cute and makes funny jokes, real girlfriend material too. She's a fan of movies and probably can watch 6 without taking a break, she has a resting bitch face which makes people think she doesn't like them but she really doesn't care who you are most of the time depending on what she's doing. She's an above average student who will probably take a major in law or physics in university. she's a real trooper and can be a bitch sometimes she's a fast runner, She's brutally honest but means well usually.
"Who's that cute girl"
" oh that's Aedah , lovely girl"
by Tacos taste goo May 04, 2018
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