An anomoly that exists on earth.
Three first names
Three legacies.
The wieght of a reputation
The reproach of a generation
The memory contestested
The words un erased.

Where is John Adrian?
When was john adrian?
Who was john adrian?
Why was john adrian?

Someone who carried the name.
And every name you gave him.

Someone who carried the reputation
And every word of accusation against him.

Someone who was there.
When noone else would answere.

Who else answered?
Who else had courage to speak?

And so this word is testimony against his name.

For the requests he would not say no to:

And the expectations he never respected.

They said it early and they say it now.

"You where associated with them: the sinners"

John Paul Adrian is a name heavy to bear.
And on reccord the words against his name are reflection of the city he tread
The places his footsteps remain
The fingerprints that cannot be erased
The words etched in stone by a skilled hand
And the memories in secret
Hidden in the mud they threw on his name.

"And they searched him out but they could not find him, for, he would not be found among them when the judgement came upon the earth"
"Hey you remember that guy that did that thing that has never been done before?"

"Yeah that was really something. Everyone had feelings about it afterwards."

"I think that was John Paul Adrian"

"He had no right to DO that!"

"I know what an idiot"

But holy shit
"Who else could do such a thing?"

"Yeah I heard allot about that guy..."

"He was really good at doing that other thing though"

"Yeah we should use him for that."
"You ask him"
"Na man you ask him"
He didnt respect my gender pronoun.
I fucking hate that dude
Yea but noone else is gunna do the thing"

Ok, sure.


"Wow man that was hallarious i cant wait to tell everyone about this really crazy thing that John Paul Adrian did"

"This is gunna be funny for years"
by TheRecconingofyourmotives. September 25, 2020
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tagda ko ba
hagbung kas exam kung di

btw, attractive kayka tan awon kung mag white shirt ka michael adrian jordan
by hatdogidog May 12, 2022
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A major pussy who is the basic embodiment of autism, the type of guy to think shrek is love shrek is life is still funny in 2018. Someone you should not approach unless the only thing you wanna taste is the cold barrel of your grandfathers shotgun in your mouth.
You think big shaq is still funny? Youre such a Mitch Adrian Devries
by YeetMasterJeff January 4, 2018
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Om this day of june 4th adrian gets nudes from any girl he ask
Send nudes to adrian day
by Gsmsb June 4, 2022
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Om this day of june 4th adrian gets nudes from any girl he ask
Send nudes to adrian day
by Gsmsb June 4, 2022
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when you go afk alot during a online voice call without announcing that you will brb and wont arrive back until over an hour later. which makes it annoying when youre trying to talk to the other person and he isnt there.
by yuukii_ November 12, 2018
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