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Origin: Adams County Nebraska

An ACRE CHASER is a woman who only dates farm boys of families which own "a lot" of land. Similar to a "Jersey Chaser" (a woman that only dates college/professional athletes) for financial or societal gain an ACRE CHASER'S motives are most commonly the same.
Geez! Melissa keeps dating bigger and bigger farmers with every dude she dates! What an acre chaser!
by Fulltill December 07, 2016
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When you just bought a brand new combine harvester and you give her with the 40 acres the key, so that you can get your grubby farm boy hands on her lovely land
The Worzels sang a song about this very subject oo arghhh ooo arghhhhh. Acre Chaser
by Newfie Sting March 31, 2015
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