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A sexual technique involving the insertion of the glans of the penis into the entrance to the vagina or anus, and achieving orgasm and ejaculation with very shallow movements which permit friction but do not involve any further penile penetration of the female partner. A gentle and erotic technique which requires a high degree of self control by both partners, which will be rewarded by extremely intense orgasms. To ensure mutual orgasm, manual stimulation of the clitoris is essential in this form of intercourse.
"What are you doing for lunch today?"
"I'm going shopping - I have to get something for tonight's meal and I need to buy some fresh panties - Johnny gave me an acorn fountain before we got up this morning."
"Hey, too much information Caroline, I don't need to picture that. Do you want to borrow my spanties?"
by Fiona BR June 30, 2017
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