Describes something being so screwed up that it's not just backward, it's ASS backward...and the point is emphasized even more by screwing up the words "ass backward"
The radio won't work because you put the batteries in bass-ackward.
by voiceofgod February 6, 2006
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The art and science of hurtling blindly in the wrong direction with no sense of the impending doom about to be inflicted on one's sorry ass. Usually applied to procedures, processes, or theories based on faulty logic, or faulty personnel.
Once again, marketing wants the poor engineers to build something that will sell, but don't have a clue what that "something" could be. Bass ackwards as usual.
by filmchild February 24, 2004
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The feeling of utter stupidity when you use a word looked up on Urban Dictionary in a sentance and noone has any idea what you mean.
Dick: "Yeah that place was rofllmaobqq, 4 realz."

Jane: "What the hell did you just say."

Dick: "Seesh, total ackward urbtionary."
by Kurt Wickenhauser June 1, 2006
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The alternate to the ackward turtle if you don't like turtles and you want to be ackward.
Yo dude I hate turtles so Now I am using this new mascot for ackwardness. Its the ackward manta ray
by Brendan G. May 29, 2007
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If you're pouring a Black and Tan. But you put the Guinness in first then try to add the Bass. You've got it Bass-ackwards. The Bass goes first the you floot the Guinness on top with a spoon.
You've got it Bass-ackwards the Guinness goes on top.
by Jim Javora February 23, 2022
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A song by tech n9ne, Yo gotti, Big Scoob, and Lil Wayne normally to describe how screwed up people can be sometimes.
Nathon, why the fuck do you exist, your so bass ackwards that in your POV a car in reverse is going forward.
by yodas_ketamine December 21, 2020
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discomfort or embarrassment caused by Auto-Correct chiming in at the least-useful moment.
Bob: Wow, I hafta assume that was some serious ackwardness in that last email.
Joe: What are you talking about?
Bob: Oh, man! Did you not see the word "bum" in the middle of that email you sent to the whole team?
by jmjmelin March 20, 2017
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