its a very special person who i care deeply about, she has a amazing personality she , kind ,loving ,faithful, understanding, and is never far away from the person she care about she like drawing , making things with her hands ,and cuz like to live im peace and quiet, i hope to get this person to trully understand how i feel about her , i want to show her i can as much about her as she dos about me, shes hard working , determined strong , and even though shes not perfect she is at the same time and for this reason i think she is the best person in the world . if you get the chance to date a abby never let her go she will always stand by you and will be faithful for ever and never try to hurt you on purpose , and even if she dos somthing wrong she will ask for forgiveness even if it was something originally your fault. she trully and fully is the most gorgeous , happy , playfull, smartest , fun, interesting person i have the pleasers of dating
person 1:who do you feel about abigail rivera/abby

person 2:i love her so much

person 3:bro but you have dated a lot of girls you sure this is the one

person 2:yes shes my future wife 100% no regrets
by Gorhound2969 September 16, 2020
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The most amazing, brilliant, beautiful, and genuinely kind girl you will ever meet. Every second you didn't love her feels like wasted time. Looking at her is like looking into the face of an angel, and you won't even believe she's real, because nothing on Earth could be that beautiful. Every time you see her it's like the sun just came out after weeks of raining, and you'll fall in love with her all over again. She somehow gets more and more perfect every time you see her, and every day you don't see her feels like weeks. You'll never be able to stop thinking about her, and you love all the little things about her, like how she's a great listener, and always makes sure you're ok when you're down, and the way she's passionate about all the things she likes, and the cute way she blushes when you compliment her. She has the most gorgeous smile ever, and when she smiles, it's the best thing you've ever seen. If you're not able to be with her yet, you'll constantly find yourself wishing you could be. Any time you see a movie, you'll be wishing you could be seeing it with her. You wish you could just hold hands with her, and anytime you do, even if it's just for less than a second, makes you feel so happy. She's the cutest, smartest, and simply the best person you will ever know.
"Hey, who's that perfect girl over there? I talked to her once and already I'm in love with her."

"Oh, that's Abigail Sadler. Everyone's in love with her."

"How could they not be?"
by evvannn broooownnn November 2, 2020
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who u take ur trauma out on
You just got mauled by a rooster? Better call Abigail Schumacher!
by rkbro November 24, 2021
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a fat ugly cow. She usually farts in the bath tube and eats the bubbles. She also puts hot dogs in her pants to save them for later. and one time she lost three orbies in her vagina, and still to this day cannot find them. Also her nick name is "Guppy" her unclegave her that name after the fucked because she smells like fish
abigail shivery smells worst then my dogs ass
by karmasabitch_mel August 30, 2019
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Most kind, sweet and beautiful girl you will ever meet. Great friend. Overall best person ever.
Wow. Abigail Silverman is so hot
by Lit bro fam November 24, 2019
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that abigail smucker sure is that white womans bitch
by beki treadway October 29, 2020
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