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A girl, or occasionally guy, who's wardrobe entirely, or nearly entirely consists of clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch. These people come from the ages of 12-18.
This is not to be confused with Abercrombie's Hitch, someone who has one or two tees from there that they use when looking for a date, this case is more common.
Chris: Damn, she's so hot...I'm gonna go talk to her.
Pat: You can't...
Chris: Why?
Pat: She's Abercrombie's Bitch
Chris: Damn, she must be crazy, how do you know?
Pat: She has A&F jeans, tee, hoodie...
Chris: You know what their clothes look like, you're Abercrombie's Bitch too.
Pat: Heh heh (the slight giggle is acknowlegemnt of the truth)
by Chris Was Here June 09, 2009
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The slang expression "Abercrombie's Bitch" and others refer to someone whose entire wardrobe appears to originate from Abercrombie & Fitch.

Any individual whose clothing is based mostly on A&F
Sandy's M: Sandy just wants wears Abercrombie above all the other cheaper options that she has. Abercrombie is just getting so expensive with the recession going on, and the economy going down the toilet... What is happening to our daughter? Tony... l just feel that... She's becoming Abercrombie's Bitch.

Tony: Chr*st save us...
by ProperEnglishSlangs December 06, 2009
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