A guy that is 27 years old that goes by the name of The Weeknd. A legend was born on 2/16/1990 and that legend is Abel (AKA The Weeknd)
Friend: Abel Tesfaye is such a great singer!
Other Friend: I know right, the concert was amazing!
by Abelxo_&_Aprilxo November 19, 2017
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one of the best celebritys/artists ever, very underrated overrated artist, selena did him WRONG, give me a chance
someone: omg do you know Abel Tesfaye?
me: you mean daddy?
by isucktoes11 August 23, 2022
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The king. God . Everyone loves him. He goes by the name the weeknd. He will make you wet within seconds. Evil angel from above . His voice is something extraordinary and beautiful . We love Abel! He only fucks you on Thursday . He has the best xo fan base ever.
"There's nobody else like Abel tesfaye " or "ALL HAIL ABEL"
by Milliena October 14, 2013
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Abel tesfaye has one soulmate and one soulmate only, name you might ask amanda.
Amanda and Abel tesfaye are soulmates
by abelslongshlong August 17, 2021
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