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Horrible. A person who likes to run bunnies over with their lawn mower, use girls for sex, hates women, lies to feel smart and important, and thinks he is God's gift to the world, someone who shouldn't have to get a real job because everyone else should support him. He is irresponsible and doesn't care enough to watch his dog so it doesn't get hit by a car. Thank God he doesn't have kids! Also a few girls said he raped them. He loves to lie about his Exs and they all believe him until they break up and he starts making up crazy lies about them too. He lies to get people to feel bad for him. He thinks they are great pitty me pick up lines. His mom always makes excuses for him and enables him to be a huge loser who messes up his life and many other people's that he comes in contact to.
Oh no! A dead bunny! Aaron Esterline must have mowed over it. Oh no! A dead dog! Aaron must have let it get hit by a car!
by Rachael Stevens 19 September 23, 2012
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