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Often experiences the aweful side effect of boners from degrading talk towards the ladies. Causes issues at unfortunate times, often during meetings with clients, when ordering from the counter at the local burger joint and waiting in the security line and being frisked by the manly, black woman with the golden tooth.
Chad: " hey man, where's Aaron Bowman at right now?! We need him for the meeting were having between Hawkins and Smith in 5 minutes!!!"
Fred:" go check the men's room, I just heard him down the hall talking to Tanya about how bad her skirt looks and that her teeth look yellow. You knew he had the erectile disfunction issue going on, didn't you? You know, the opposite one that has no cure at this time, other than degrade and run? He's hiding more than just a stinky shit in there!"
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by urcameltoeshowing1 February 23, 2017
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