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The most beautiful girl in the world. Smart, intelligent, and perfect. Loves to get rough with guys, extremely athletic. Sweet, adorable. She could also probably kick your ass. And she's probably amazing in bed ;) ;)
Guy: Damn, thats one badass girl
Guy 2: she just fucking messed that guy up, damn!
Aaliya: hey boys ;)
Guys: Faint. (boner)
by heybillyjoejoe March 07, 2013
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A smart, pretty, shy, and funny person you will ever meet. She may seem quiet and shy but once you get to know her she can get crazy. She loves boys . She wants a man who will treat her right and be by her side 24/7 . NO PLAYERS ALLOWED ! And don't go rushing to sex because she wouldn't want that.
Tom: I would go out with Aaliya she's pretty .

Amy: Fuck off she doesn't accept players.
by Lasey March 11, 2015
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Somewhat pretty, in a generic sort of ghetto way. The queen of backhanded compliments. Super bitchy, but great at it. Usually at least a little bit slutty.
Man, you're so lucky you're the only flutist. I would love to be first chair! said Aaliya.
by AtticFlower June 12, 2011
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