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aab= you're sexy as a bitch!
a definition would be like, say you sent someone a selfie, they reply with; you're sexy as a bitch!
by cooterhead kenzie March 10, 2017
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Is a danish soccer team. located in Nothern Jutland of Denmark. means: Aalborg Boldklub. Translated Aalborg ball club
by Hasse August 10, 2005
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A word to describe a feeling of complete joy but at a very sad time.
I was feeling aab at my grandfathers funeral thinking about the times we shared.
by Kylar Stern May 25, 2009
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Always A Bitch Syndrome

Think - Someone with PMS not just one week a month, but ALL the time.

When someone is always in a bad mood and wants everyone else to be as cranky as her/him. This person often does/says mean things to other people in an attempt to get them to feel as bad as him/her.
You: Man, she's cranky, she must have PMS all the time.
Me: No Dude, she has AABS.
You: Ahh, it makes sense now. What a pain.
by SummerSunrise November 20, 2010
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AAB, or Affirmative Action Berkeley, is a joke of a college infested with libtard SJWs. AAB's acceptance rate for minorities, gays, and attack helicopters is 100% while it is <0.01% for others.
I got rejected from AAB even though I had 5.1GPA and 2410 SAT!!! Affirmative action!!!

Noals Ekoj got into AAB with a 1.3 GPA because of Affirmative action!
by ZeDong Mao March 31, 2017
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