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Pronounced "Aye-you-FM? Ha, ha, ha"
A passive-aggressive on-line abbreviation/concatenation for "Are you out of ur fucking mind?" and "Laughing out loud".
Intended to ridicule on-line acquaintances for their brainless opinions while retaining them for later entertainment/aggravation value.
FBer #1 comment) "The world has never been in such a sorry state."
FBer #2 reply) "AYouFM? Thinking: What about asteroids smashing the earth? Ice ages? Repeated genocides, plagues, etc.? Ha ha ha...."

FBer #1 comment) "I lament for mother earth..."
FBer #2 comment) "AYouFM? Thinking: The earth is a molten rock. It is indifferent to your sentiments. Did you mean Middle Earth? Bwa ha ha ha ha...."

FBer #1 comment) "My gf left me. I will never find someone like her again..."
FBer #2 comment) "AYouFM? LOL!, thinking: all you do is gripe about her bitching. Why would you want that again, you crazy fuck!?"
by RedskinRedneck July 13, 2010
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