intelligently interacting with the opposite sex to get their attention in a romantic way ; flirting ; convincing one romantically in a deceiving or cohersive way
If someone unknowingly is being persuaded into a realtionship.

Women drops her pencil as a prospective suitor walks by and recieves help in order to iiwtostgtaiarw (ee-ee-wuh-tost-guh-tay-ar-wah).
by tweetybirdbubbles October 24, 2011
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Ar redline that one guy who know who I'm talking about
Ah he's driving a Japanese car must be AR R E D L I N E

Yeah bro thats Ar redline
by TITan72745 November 25, 2021
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1. A perfectly harmless device that throws pointy metal objects super duper fast, with which if it is referred to as an assault rifle people freak the fuck out and call you a snowflake tree hugging homo, but logic says not to call it a gun because it's just big as fuck and the common person assumes a gun to be something held in one hand, it surely doesn't look like a rifle; e.g. sniper rifle actually looks like a rifle, DEFINITELY cannot call it a machine gun, NRA members will likely FREAK OUT AT YOUR LACK OF EDUCATION REGARDING PROPER IDENTIFICATION AND CLASSIFICATION OF FIREARMS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Because we all have military experience, or small cocks with which we need to compensate for.

2. A pointy metal object thrower that is NOT DEADLY OR DANGEROUS AT ALL, yet is used by nearly every mass murderer, coincidence? Of course not, they just have constant flash sales promoting this type of pointy shooty thing at Mass Murdermart.

3. A tool with which all persons, children, rapitsts, criminals, murderers, terrorists, fuzzy foreigners, republican domestic terrorists, people of faith, people of no faith, don't forget ANTIFA, protestors, people "supervising and offering medical aid" to protestors, and hell aliens upon arrival into this galaxy should be given and expected to have on their person at all mother fucking times because MURICA!!!!!!!!!!
Now now Grady, an ar-15 is no more dangerous than a hammer or chef's knife, even though hammers and chef knifes have practical safe uses that society greatly benefit from and would be lost without, and ar-15 is just a murdering machine, did I say machine I'm soooooo sorry go fuck your sister.

Well Buck & Jeb perhaps it's not really hunting or challenging to use an ar-15 to hunt, sorta like using a gattling gun to "hunt fish" in a bucket.
by ThumbsUpSisterFucker May 28, 2022
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The Assault rifle 15 fires a high powered 50 cal bullet that leaves a foot wide exit wound. It is fed by 100 round clipazines that fire 1000 rounds per second. It has to modes, child killer and fully semi automatic. It is the choice of all mass shootings and has accessories that make it 1000% more deadly. These include the shoulder thing that goes up, flash suppressor that makes you invisible, adjustable armpit thingy that allows you to hide it in your pocket, Child-seeking scope, and a pistol grip.
The AR-15 is a deadly assault rifle of war. -CNN
by Hdhhshshhshjsjak September 17, 2022
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Person 1- _____ means this

Person 2- yeah bro thats a (jucy) (fat)** cock in my ars

** adds extra emphasis to phrase
by Uncle_billy December 1, 2020
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you looked this up didnt you margaux ask the mejy and the ars
ars+mejt are pretty cool people
by mmmtvu44777832.. August 9, 2021
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