An online boyfriend. The relationship is through AOL. More often than not, they will pretend to be approximately 5 years older than they are in real life, and also be black.
ClassiC was an AO-BF, named Max, who was a 19 year old black guy. However, the real ClassiC was actually a nerdy white kid with glasses. The intarweb rulez!!1
by Robert Dole, II April 26, 2007
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someone who sits in AOL chatrooms all day long and chats with women or men.
Rob is such an AO macker. His buddy list is full of random chicks from all different chatrooms.
by Kim P July 9, 2006
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the lowest form of dating, when you have no life. are uber ugly, and play sims all day.
hai, i h8 my life. so, how are you doing? how bout we strike up a long talk and we can talk about how beautiful our inner soul is, and forget the fact that were are hideous looking in real life!
by tiff July 31, 2004
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A term used to describe the boy a girl would marry in a heartbeat. He is her safe space, a home that waits to be build.

Ao Fao is once in a lifetime; your soulmate.

The translation of Ao Fao is my man, my boy, meaning "my everything", besides that. It comes from a demonic language and it means, as said earlier, the absolute human perfection, body and soul, who has all a girl's trust and love.
Rose: What is your nickname for Jared?
Annie: Ao Fao!
Rose: That's the absolute cutest thing eveeer.
by kilingra March 19, 2020
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The AOL underground community, best known for its crackers and hackers.
by Stevie Wonder March 18, 2003
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Dating someone online through AOL.
Guy: Hey you're hot!
Girl: Mm you're hot too!
Guy: Wanna ao date?
Girl: Ok!!
by Cat February 14, 2004
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