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AOL instant messenger sex. just like phone sex except your sending pics and messages.
xprosportx: I gotta jack off, man

cyco bitch23: Oh shit, youre gonna make me cum. UHHHHH!!!UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OH YEAH!!!

xprosportx: OH SHIT!!! I just fuckin jizzed all over the keyboard.

cycobitch23: me too!
by bojzzle October 08, 2004
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When a gf and bf chat on aim non stop and barely talk to their other friends. It involves like all do this to you and crap like that.
Dude Holly you and Carl need to stop having aim sex.
by emily georgiades February 12, 2008
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a 'Direct Connection' over AIM, used to send pictures and small files.
She AIMsexed with me and shoed me a pic... damn she's hot...
by Andy "The Man" Alexis August 25, 2004
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