A common word in central MN used primarily to show a dislike for something, or a derogatory comment
Fuck that rotten meat looks like aids!

"No i cant go i gotta work in an hour"-"shit thats aids"

Dammit dude u are such an aid!
by Orgasman September 14, 2008
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Short for Anal Induced Death Sentence. 1 blow job and your a cock sucker for life. 1 anal rapage and you may die.
"Bryson! Trevor! Have you seen my pictures from Honolulu? They are spectacular!!" ....Tyler has AIDS!! AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS!! The whole world has AIDS!!
by Bwilde1 September 25, 2006
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a disease that has infected almost all of Africa
Q : Whats the only positive thing about Africa?
by christy February 22, 2005
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Short for Alcohol Induced Dizzy Spells
"So I'm up to my 10th beer...oh, and by the way, did I tell you I've got AIDS?"

"What the f..."

"Yeah, Alcohol Induced Dizzy Spells"
by johnnylongprong April 06, 2009
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an serious STD of which there is no known cure.
it is passed on in bodidly fluids, however it cannot survive outside of the human body for long.

Aids has many references, however

Asshole Injected Death Sentence

will always stick in your mind.
by celestial phoenix April 14, 2008
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Good supplies often consisting of bags of rice and medical equipment sent over to skint countries, by richer countries...

Also however, a tragic life-shortening viral illness- mainly retracted through sexual intercourse (common amongst those found in the skint countries mentioned above, and also with partakers of Fruity Bum-love!)

The problem lies with charity people and politicians in distinguishing clearly which one they mean...
Charity man: Godammit! That Oxfham reckon they know how to give out good aids!? We're flying out to Uganda tomorrow and we'll give them AIDS like they've never had before!!
Trainee: But Sir! Wouldn't that just be wrong!? And anyway... I'm a virgin- i have no aids to share.
by Sami M April 30, 2006
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