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Aquino Broadcasting Network C'ge Boto NOYNOY.
English Translation: (Aquino Broadcasting Network, please vote for Noynoy)
ABS-CBN is the most BIAS network of the PHILIPPINES.
by ABNOY-PEENOY October 09, 2011
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The most watched and the leading TV network in the Philippines.
ABS-CBN stands for Alto Broadcasting System - Chronicle Broadcasting Network

> They have the best artists
> They create the best and the most entertaining shows
> The most diverse company
> The largest media company in the Philippines
> The most awarded TV network
> They have a sports network people can watch for free (ABS-CBN Sports+Action)

> Biased news organization
> Worst at making news and documentaries
> Can be considered as the Fox News/CNN of the Philippines
by FEELippines August 05, 2016
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