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Composer and pianist for Team Starkid, a musical theatre troupe from Michigan. He's written the music for several original musicals, such as Gibson Fleck, Me & My Dick, Doppelganger, and A Very Potter Musical.

Has also starred on Broadway (Young Frankenstein, 2011-2012). Other talents include acting, singing, improv comedy, directing, music directing, music arranging, and melting your heart with his smile. Also known as Wizard God to the Starkid fans, who recognize him as the new Chuck Norris. He thinks he can't dance but everyone knows it's not true.
A.J. Holmes likes Sweeney Todd and Phish. He does not like CATS or chives.

A.J. Holmes knows how much wood the woodchuck can chuck.

The boogeyman checks under his bed for A.J. Holmes.

A.J. Holmes played The Game and won.
by starship_ranger January 11, 2012
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