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A girl who preys on innocent Somali, little girls to manipulate them into loving them even though A. Buzreba hides an ugly, deceiving, dastard interior under the extraordinary beautiful exterior.

A. Buzreba appears to be a compassionate, intelligent woman even though she is just in the early stages of her physical and mental development.

Be aware, for A. Buzreba will molest you. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo husband - A. Buzreba is on the loose.

(All of the above mentioned warnings only apply to you if you are a beautiful, smart and innocent Somali woman/girl/woman stuck in a mans body)
"Hey Amy, why you crying?"
"A. Buzreba just stole my lunch money"
"That's not all, she then emptied out my locker, gave a wedgie and stuffed me in my locker..when the door wouldn't close because of my ass, she 'made me fit'..."
"What are you saying"
"She...A.Buzreba'd me"..
by InnocentSomali October 23, 2011
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