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Another term for Wee a Boo, A-Girls are obsessed with anime and try to dress like Japanese girls. They might cut their hair short like an anime school girl or do their makeup similar to them. They normally use Tik Tok for their cosplays of the most popular anime girls.
“That girl is obsessed with ‘My Hero Academia’”
“No wonder, she’s clearly an A-Girl”
by lol_stoopid October 08, 2019
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An a-girl is similar to an e-girl. She uses Tik Tok. Her first name ends in the sound of the letter a. An a-girl is a bright girl, who’s nice and kind. Loves things to be amazing. A a-girl is someone who loves gold, silver, diamonds, etc.
Mackenzie- Omg it’s Keisha I heard she’s an a-girl.
Samantha- Ikr.
by Attractive Girl March 28, 2019
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