A story that could be true, but the person telling it could obviously not have accomplished the said task.
There's no way that he could have jumped from a moving jeep and combat rolled down the road at 30 mph... he can't even do a pullup! That's a total C-R.
by Jethro February 21, 2005
a narrative which is obviously false and made up and could never be possible to recreate
That story is a C-R. There is no way it could happen.
by Phil McCraken February 19, 2005
an excuse which is obviously fake
He didn't lose her phone number, she dumped him!
by Phil McCraken March 1, 2005
A short form for the term "catch and release" which my mother coined when she stopped my buddy from killing a fruit fly.
Oh no, we dont kill bugs in this house we catch and release them here. aka c&r
by BWG November 9, 2005
A combination of the words crotch and cotch. It can be used to imply either crotch or cotch, as in genitals or to relax or recline with friends.
Dude: Hey Guy, lets can we c(r)otch here?

Guy: Good idea Dude, I was getting tired.

Ben: Yeah, my c(r)otch was starting to chafe due to all the walking.
by Bloodyscenekids April 17, 2009
A good group coming out with a double album, techno on one cd and rock on the other. Buy it. Because it is very good. And you will like it. I promise. Conrad and Ryan Music Factory, bitch. Like it, or get thrown out of the car window. Okay? It's bitchin, not a P.O.S.
Subject 1: You here that new stuff by C+R Music Factory?
Subject 2: Yes, indeed I have, and it is bitchin'
by The R-Tist R June 21, 2004