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A place where there lives people, and a church, a postoffice, and a place where beer is sold exists. A town is not as big as a city.
I buddy, let's cruise down to town.
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name for city of Fresno,CA.
mane lets get out to the No-Town
by SoulJAH P April 26, 2006
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The first and best solo single by Mr Niall Horan.
Rational human-"Hey have you heard this town yet?"
Directions- "I refuse to listen to any music by the boys' solo career"
by November 1, 2020
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A-Town is the one and only Atlanta, GA.... the "Durty South"
Like in the song by Young Jeezy: Hit 'em up, peace up, A-town down. That is how and were "a town" comes from.... and Usher aint even from the A, so he don't play!
by D-Reg September 30, 2005
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The city of Fresno, California. Located in the Central Valley of California.
Lets Got to The No-Town
by MoochieMoo September 18, 2006
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The nickname for any city that starts with an a.
by tyketyke August 14, 2011
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