A direct reference to Anderson Township, the all-time most crunked and ghetto-fabulous suburb in all of southwest Ohio
Tonight let's stroll on down to A-Town and hit up the two flyest clubs around, the health club and the $9999 car lot.
by njsteve June 20, 2005
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The one true holder of the A-Town title is Arlington, Massachusetts. Anyone else who claims that they live in "A-Town" is an A-Hole.
Go to the pahhhhk or the keggahhhh, but keep the A-Holes out. It's A-Townies only.
by Eric D June 19, 2005
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Commonly refered to as Avon, Ohio. It's a town hardly anyone knows about and is famous for it's antiques. Suburb outside of Cleveland
Girl: Where are you from?
Guy: I'm from A-Town
Girl: Atlanta?
Guy: No Avon, Ohio
Girl: Oh never heard of it.
by April Flowers April 25, 2006
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Somebody Who Sweats In Weird Places For No Reason..
Dude Atown Wtf Why Are You Sweating We Didn't Even Start P.E, & Why Is In Only On Your Nose.
by Black Josh January 22, 2008
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