Also used for Arlington, VA. Part of Nova. Like Annandale only cooler. Just outside of D.C.
Big it up to all da peeps in A-Town
by Dangerous Dave February 14, 2005
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Allentown, Pennsylvania; 3rd largest city in Pa. with a population of about 150,000 (white, hispanic, african-american & asian)
Yo, lez hop in dah ride and cruise up to ATown to check out dem hot street walking bitches on Linden Street!
by ATown Social Experiment May 22, 2008
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Popular nickname for the cities of Atlanta, GA and Austin, TX. Both cities are the capital city of their state.
"I'm from A-Town!"
"A-Town is puttin' it down!"
by HomeBase May 20, 2006
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Ahlington, MA ... did someone say va, va, vagina. Nope, Mass is where it's at
by Bish0p October 29, 2006
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Aledo, Texas.

Or, any town whose name starts with the letter A. Most of the time, its the white kids pretending to be black.
Brewer kid: "So where do you go to school?"

Aledo kid: "A-town, babayh!"
by frickin' A, man! June 07, 2005
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Contrary to popular belief, A-town refers not to Atlanta, but to Almaden Valley in San Jose, California. It's basically a club for the homies.
I'm off to college. Peace out, A-town.
by Cheah February 28, 2007
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A politcally incorrect nickname for Atlanta,Ga!! Jus to let yall know atlanta is not a town, but it is a city and to be more specific the "capital" city of Georgia!! (if any of yall know Usher, Lil Jon or Ludacris PLEASE tell dem dat they need to get right)
wrong: "peace up, a-town down!"

right: "peace up, a-state capital down!"
by da gurl! August 08, 2005
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